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I don't know what to do anymore!

Anonymous started this conversation

If anyone is actually out there to really help people then please I am in desperate need! After my injury my wife began looking for work but in this economic crisis we are in there are no jobs. We have exhausted all of our funds and are about to be kicked out on the street with our two daughters 6 and 4!! They don't understand what is going on but they know it is not good they ask all the time if we are alright! I am in need of a loan not a hand out I will repay the loan as soon as my case settles! Please help my family and I get through this mess thats all I am asking Please!!!!!!!!! Thank you to whom ever reads this!!!

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There is some free medical care available; look here to see if any of it is close enough you can use it:

Your wife may want to check for jobs that require little training at any local assisted living centers.

Sorry I can't offer any more direct help for your financial needs.,

Talk to milesrf